Welcome to Cambridge Waterproofing - your leading Gold Coast waterproofing specialists

We have over 35 years’ experience in providing professional waterproofing solutions to both the residential and commercial property markets throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales. Cambridge Waterproofing has a proven track record of success in both large and small waterproofing projects.

We will manage your Gold Coast waterproofing project from the initial site assessment, to sourcing the right materials for your particular job at a competitive price, through to performing works with minimal or no disruption to your tenants or the occupants of the property. We are Licensed Waterproofing Contractors in both Queensland and New South Wales.

We have established a reputation for great customer service, comprehensive experience and specialist technical knowledge, and a job that’s done right the first time. We take the time to understand the needs of our clients in order to build relationships based on trust. During the project, we provide ongoing communication to our customers, including regular reporting on the project status and arranging inspections at critical stages.

Cambridge Waterproofing provides the following services:

Below ground and tank waterproofing – It is critical to get this right, because once it’s covered or back-filled, it can be very difficult to rectify any problems.

Concrete roof waterproofing – The roof and the foundations are the two most important structural areas on any building. It is important to select the right long-term UV stable membrane for all roofs, or leakages can result.

Wet area waterproofing – In wet areas, it is vital to get the waterproofing right. Any leaks between the tiles can result in structural problems and potential termite infestation in timber framed properties.

Balcony waterproofing – If a balcony is not sealed correctly, it can result in problems with water entering the building, as well as the expense of tiles having to be removed and re-laid.

Planter box waterproofing – Leakages from planter boxes, green roof gardens, fountains and fishponds can cause major damage to structures around and beneath them.

Roads, bridges and tunnel waterproofing – It is critical that road, bridge and tunnel waterproofing is completed correctly, as leaks can be difficult to detect and repair once the structure is completed. We do it once, do it right.

We work with body corporates, building managers, business owners, property managers, project managers, builders, architects, engineers and home owners. We carry out waterproofing at the construction stage, or repair and remedial works.

With over 35 years’ experience and a 5 year qualification in the waterproofing trade, business owner, Paul Lakeman, can provide the right solution to all your waterproofing issues. You can be assured that our team will select the most suitable membrane and install it correctly - in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. We also supply you with a manufacturer’s warranty on your waterproofing membrane.

At Cambridge Waterproofing, we understand the importance of doing a job once, and doing it right the first time. We know waterproofing must be 100% perfect.

For expert advice and peace of mind, give Paul at Cambridge Waterproofing a call on 0478 716 931.

Cambridge Waterproofing – your leading Gold Coast waterproofing specialists.